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“Clear and precise explanations at the forefront of research, allowing a comprehensive understanding of chiropractic neurology, all with a hint of humor. Unlike other functional neurology seminars that I attended, this one will allow me an immediate application in practice. Thank you Dr. Freud.”

“Seminar clearly summarizing our true relationship with neurology and the explanation we often lack to justify and understand our therapy, our adjustments. Superb content that reunites all chiropractors!”

“Excellent information with an incredible human dimension. A trio of art, science and philosophy at the height of my expectations.”

“Dr. Freud (and his humor) gives us a pleasant and effective approach to the neurological effects of chiropractic, without being lost in the twists and turns of neurology! Great seminar and very well organized with a logic from the beginning to the end. Thank you very much Dr. Freud!”

“A quality seminar, which finally links science and philosophy. At last, we understand scientifically what happens during an adjustment and can respond with confidence in a cartesian way to those who attack us.”

“Neurology finally explained in a clear and precise manner, shedding light on concepts that are sometimes difficult to integrate. Thank you!”

“Remarkable. Valuable, indispensable, clear and rapidly applicable information whatever the approach. The most beautiful testimony of love towards this profession that I have ever heard. Thank you so much.”

“The quality of the information, the quality of the references, and the excellent visual support make it easy to understand neurology in a practical way – a world-class seminar of highest level!”

“PERFECT! The seminar was rich, structured, organized. Dr. Freud guides us step by step towards a better understanding of neurology, on the one hand to increase the precision of our observations and treatments, but also to understand the internal mechanisms of the chiropractic adjustment. We arrive with questions and we leave with real answers and direct applications for the clinic.”

“Super seminar of chiropractic neurology with Dr. Freud, excellent teacher. With him functional neurology is understandable and all the more exciting.”

“I have never heard a presentation so simple, understandable, comprehensive, organized, logical, visual, bringing together the beauty of our profession across the spectrum of its diversity. This seminar should be mandatory for all chiropractors.”