The Neurology of Chiropractic

This seminar, a “Chiropractic Neurology 101" course, will cover all the important concepts and applications for the practicing chiropractor…

Our Science
• The best neurological tests to use in a chiropractic practice
• Orthopaedic versus neurological model of care
• The 7 nervous system concepts that guide the practitioner
• Neurological red flags to be aware of
• The latest research on the brain effects of the chiropractic adjustment
• The pathway that every chiropractor should know
• What are the neurological consequences of reduced joint movement?
• What are the potential neurological CAUSES of reduced joint movement?
• Does the subluxation exist?

Our Philosophy
• How exactly did Harvey get his hearing back?
• The hidden side of being a chiropractor
• What did DD and BJ really contribute?
• Let’s examine the chiropractor’s brain
• The truth about chiropractic
• A model for greater unity in chiropractic
• What is the future of our profession?

Our Art
• How to APPLY the neuroscience research that supports chiropractic
• How to perform a simple and relevant neurological exam of the PNS and CNS
• How to logically link exam findings to your treatment
• The best neurological exercises to prescribe to patients
• How to modify the techniques you already use (chiropractic and soft tissue) to have a more profound neurological impact
• How to perform neurology-based adjustments in the spine and extremities
• Applications for ALL your patients, including low back pain, neck pain, extremity issues, poor posture, concussion, balance problems, AD(H)D, etc.

This promises to be an event that is not to be missed… informative, practical and inspiring.

We hope you will join us!


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