The Development of the Nervous System, with Chiropractic Applications for Children, Adolescents and Adults

To have a significant neurological effect on our patients, an understanding of how the nervous system develops is primordial.

• Prenatal considerations
• How to calm an agitated baby
• What do the “Terrible two’s" have in common with adolescent difficulties
• The link between movement and academic success
• What predicts future happiness and success in children
• Mirror neurons and their clinical applications
• The best pediatric neurological tests to perform
• A red flag to consider at 6 months of age for the development of autism
• The most important primitive and postural reflexes
• Variations in primitive and postural reflexes in adolescents and adults
• The best exercises to affect neurological development based on the neurological exam
• Strategies for a variety of conditions (ADD/ADHD, tics, Tourette’s syndrome, emotional issues, torticollis, toe walking, etc.)
• …and much more!

This promises to be an event that is not to be missed…
informative, practical and inspiring.

We hope you join us!


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